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With product launch of Velos company Nedap set new standards in group management. The innovative leading role over years, the unique use of technology, steady market skills and market approved hard- and software solutions are the basic of Nedap Velos. Velos fulfil all requests and wishes which are set in sow management now and in future.

Nedap Velos - Elektronische Futterverabreichung

Nedap Velos leads by means of general behavioural rules, which you set, and individual management.

Nedap Velos is a very reliable system which matches totally with your wishes. It asks for every necessary specification to do its work as best as possible. If you don’t have a solution right in time, Velos gives a suggestion.

Nedap Velos provides, with their unique solutions, for more efficiency in your company. This is showing in better results and growth.

Nedap Velos warrant problem-free that every pig gets for the right point of time the right quantity of the right feed. The combination of the Velos control-system including the totally renewed electronically feeding station for sows guarantees very efficient and individual feed allotment.

Velos Sow feeding is user-friendly:

● simple build up system, implemented everywhere
● user-friendly system, easy to use for everybody
● animal-friendly: the pigs will be separated during the food output so that they can eat in peace
● the feeding speed is coordinated on every individual animal, so that it doesn’t eat too much at one time or become restless.

Nedap Velos- Sauenfütterung