for every kind of house the right heating system

  • natural gas
  • LPG gas
  • hot water
  • alternative systems
  • zone heating


more pictures

ferkelnest heizung 01.jpg gp-14-nl-gb.jpg katalog_2008_komplett.jpg konvektor-1-gas.jpg
konvektor-2-gas.jpg konvektor-3-gas.jpg konvektor-warmwasser.jpg kuehlung.jpg
luftlluft-waermetauscher.jpg twin-warmwasser-1.jpg twin-warmwasser-2.jpg

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Air to air heat exchanger

Fresh air warming – energy-saving and environmentally friendly

The special feature of the heat exchanger is its efficient function. The release of exhaust air in the house provides the warming of fresh air – this helps to save energy and is eco-friendly