The advantages of our ventilation system:

  • multilateral and flexible pipe system grey/brown internal diameter 370/420/470/420/480/650/730/820 and 920 mm
  • easy installation
  • quick cleaning for faultless hygienically conditions
  • avoid condensation
  • lasting reduction of ventilator sound level

The assortment programme continuously adapts to benefit the customer:

  • nozzles and diffusers: DLG-proved, flowing optimised for volume increase
  • module flaps (MVSK): mounted incl. motor offer even regulation behaviour
  • incoming air distributor (ZLV): specially developed, registered patented model air intake system, suitable for low pressure as well as equal pressure “fresh air – intake air from above”
  • fans: efficient, economical fan, suits easily to pipe system. Furthermore, we provide every equipment you need.

Ventilation ceiling, channel or floor model proved in practice and available for nearly every house type with intermediate floor

Trapeze-ventilation ceiling

Piglet nest cover »Area Heat ®«

optimal temperature in piglet lying-area

area heating provides the lying area of piglets with optimal temperatures

Air Cooler

A contribution to improvement of house climate issues the new developed air cooler of REVENTA® named W5.000, W10.000, W10.000 long and W20.000.

Opposite to present high pressure cooling systems or traditional PAD-systems issues the REVENTA air cooler many advantages

Advantage summary:

  • approx. 60 % energy cost saving compared to traditional systems
  • free selectable outlet point
  • prepared for possible air cleaner and/or manure dryer
  • non-sensitive against influences of weather